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Being a juicy mix of effective it-solutions our WordPress design Agency suggests basket of fruitful services. Successfully completed projects show that team of fruitful people keeps on getting inspiration from WordPress open-ended opportunities!

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Creative director, web designer, developer and founder of Fruitful Code. You can meet him on the tennis or basketball court, and on weekends in the park on roller skates.

Denis can help you to achieve your brand vision in the digital space. Free time is dedicated to his beloved wife and daughter. Lucky to win in every competition he enters.

Aleksandra has experience as a Support and HR Manager in Fruitful Code. She could be a fantasy books writer, but writes the content for our sites.

Eugene can power the designs with some coding magic. You’ll usually find him gardening, gaming, training or playing football.

He is always aware of all the discoveries and innovations in the world of IT. Fan of fishing and street football.

Web-developer and self-developer. Listens to the music, street workout, roller skating, fond of drawing, playing a guitar and computer games...It's about him.

Incredibly talented manager who can organize any project. This guy lives in the Netherlands, but for us he is always close in our hearts.

Our WP design agency Skills & Talents

Our WordPress design agency has created more than 500 different WordPress projects: open source, premium templates, one page, portfolio websites and shops for customers worldwide. Solid knowledge, talented people, wild imagination, attention to details and a genuine love for each project – that’s Fruitful code.





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