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Bootstrap Framework

Today there is a huge number of tools, programs and products which simplify not only the creation of sites, but also our everyday life. For example, having a good smartphone eliminates the need to carry a separate camera, pager for messages, notebook or calendar. Everything fits convenient and compact in one device. It would be foolish and unwise not to use this opportunity.

The same thing happens in the world of development and information technologies. Gone are the days when developer has spent hundreds of hours on the page-proofs of small website, wrote the own cms, did responsive for each device manually or spend hours checking the finished website in different browsers. Our team accustomed in every way to simplify life and save time and money for us and our dear customers! Prehistoric is no longer in vogue.

Bootstrap Framework is one of the brightest and most popular ready-made solutions for  websites frontend development. This set of tools, methodologies and technologies simplifies process of writing code and improves its quality. Framework is not only a set of solutions, but also the standards of how to build the code correctly.

Why Bootstrap?

  • Adaptable to a variety of devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop computers.
  • Cross-browser of all the individual elements and the whole website. Displayed correctly and without errors.
  • Speeds and simplifies the page-proofs. In case it is used properly you don’t need to spend time separately for the responsive-version, multiline code and searching the Internet a suitable script.
  • Useful js-ready features: pop-up windows, tabs, navigation menus, tables, forms, typographics and so on.
  • Simple and intuitive tool to use for both experienced users and for those who have just met with Bootstrap Framework.
  • Available documentation, which includes examples of the finished code.
  • Ability to edit ready-made solutions.
  • Personal icons set (250 glyphicons). In the 3rd version of Bootstrap it is not just the images, it’s a font. It means that you can change the color and size of the icons. There is no such a wide range like Fontawesome, but from the point of adaptability it rescues great.
  • Convenient use of Bootstrap with any cms. For example, Bootstrap can be integrated into the WordPress template. This combination will save a lot of time. Most of Fruitful Code company’s products had been developed using Bootstrap Framework on WordPress platform.
  • The tool has quite big size, which can slow down the site. Therefore, it is possible to use some of its elements and not uploading the program as a heavy archive. Our developers use scss version with a grid, simply disable unnecessary components.
  • The product in it’s full version is ideal for beginners, since more experienced developers write the code by themselves. Bootstrap is mainly used only as a grid for adaptive layout.
  • Bootstrap is an open source. You can view it on Github

It is important to bear in mind that the design must comply with the requirements of Bootstrap Framework. Certainly it’s possible to use a tool for separate elements, but in the case of using the grid, layout must be adapted to it.

How to use the advantages and possibilities of this program is up to you to decide. But once made friends with the Framework you will not want to leave it longer.

You can view more detailed documentation and functionality on the official website.

You can download one of Fruitful Code’s WordPress Theme built with Bootstrap Framework.

Spotter – Universal Directory Listing WordPress Theme




Movement – Personal Blog WordPress Theme




Zoner – Real Estate WordPress Theme




Zoner Lite – Free Real Estate WordPress Theme

screenshot (2)



ANAGLYPH – One page / Multi Page WordPress Theme




Anaglyph Lite – Free WordPress Theme

screenshot (1)

Download – Simple & Elegant WordPress theme




ENDLESS – One page / Multi Page WordPress Theme




Suburb – Real Estate HTML Template



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