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WordPress first steps

WordPress first steps &

Cautions a Developer Must Take while Creating WordPress Themes

Fabricating WordPress themes are savoured by many website producers. Having a basic idea of CSS theme modification is not that hard. This doesn’t demonstrate that every website producer has performed a commendable work, recognising how to create ideas. Close to work rather poorly. Below are many listed points following this helps you in creating a quality WordPress theme:

In accordance with quality

Having a quality theme in accordance with your plan is rather important whether you create it on our own or use a default one. Further reforms are made easier by quality complacency. There’s a less chance of smashing when you reform your code, if it is designed according to Web standards.

Quality comments

Comments shall be added to your code while producing a theme so that it becomes easier for people to archive a reason for a particular activity. Formational hints shall be provided to your CSS and HTML to make your code more needful.

Graphic enhancement

Theme graphics shall be enhanced. It’s better to eschew graphics where they aren’t necessary. Appropriate file types and condensation levels shall be enhanced too. To lessen the count of HTTP appeals for your website, using graphics is not a bad idea.

Less requirement for Plug-Ins

Depending on plug-ins will not be appreciated rather coding performance into theme if a theme needs it. Some reasons are as follows. In the first place a needed plug-in could create a problem with a plug-in in usage if a theme is related with a surviving website. In the second place depending on third –party plug-ins will create problems. You could end up smashing your theme if you plan to change the use of your plug-ins.

Custom-made without difficulty

Colour scheme and header image are easily grasped by people in the business world and custom-made options are available. A number of pre-set colour schemes and post’s heading colour allows users to change it.

Strengthen exposition

Positive effects has been noticed on WordPress theme. In the first place converting the code by those who didn’t produce the theme has been made trouble-free. In the second place search engine reformation has been offered by semantic-markup.

Sustained effectively

While correcting any WordPress affairs it should be made sure that the themes work correctly. If any security- hole in the code arises then it is resolved then and there by the managers. Many producers also support their cost-free themes but the surcharged themes are mainly encouraged.


For a certain purpose the chief themes were made. As a purposeful theme doesn’t try to be everything to all people so it is exceptional to a generic theme. Surcharge themes normally excels at being purposeful.

Less CSS and Java script files are employed

Numerous Java Scripts and CSS files only increases the load and count of HTTP requests. Condense your file into one unless a technical need arises to use more than one CSS or Java script file.

Constructed effectively

Imaged show fullness of your theme doesn’t really show whether it is constructed effectively or not. Usually header should show first, then the passage followed by sidebars and at last the footer should load. This construction is more weighted.

Test run area labored effectively

Theme directory of a WordPress organization is pressurized. Headers, images, lists, long post Titles, are numerous elements which are published by WordPress. In the test run as well as in your own environment theme should look great.

Existing template files are properly used

Numerous template files such as home.php, index.php, single.php (for posts), page-slug.php, page-id.php, page.php to name a few. You can personalize the behavior of your template with the help of these page templates.

Following the basic guidelines above any theme producer can create quality themes. It’s no longer a difficult task to accomplish. Be careful in your wordpress first steps!

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Lucy Berrette

Lucy Berrett works as Sr. WordPress Consultant with proven track record of delivering projects on time. She loves to write about Wordpress and other CMS to contribute more and more to open source community.


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