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How to choose colors in web design

Color – is one of the most important element in web design, that helps you to attract the visitors attention. Choosing the right color is a small trick, honest manipulation that will help to keep the user on your site and even be able to direct him to the needed actions. We picked the list of most popular and demanded colors in web design, determined their correct combination, positive and negative sides. And what’s very important – prepared the examples!

Where to use the colors?

You should consider the different key areas and choose the appropriate colors of each element of the page:

  • Pop-ups
  • Borders
  • Headlines
  • Background hues
  • Primary web banners or hero graphics
  • Buttons, especially call for action

Don’t forget to designate your target audience when choosing the color scheme!

How color affects conversions?

The connection between colors and the urge to buy a product has been proven scientifically. When you see specific color, there is a number of reactions in your brain that leads to triggering different emotions and affecting your behavior. Research shows that 60-90% of purchasing decisions are based on color! Knowing this psychological facts, you can improve the conversions on your website just by choosing the appropriate colors.


This is the most effective color for call-to-action. No other color attracts users attention as red does. If you want the user to perform some important action – use red for that button. Red is associated with passion, power and even aggression or danger. It can be also used for promotions


  • associated with love
  • creates a sense of urgency
  • creates a feeling of excitement or encouragement


  • it’s overabundance can cause the desire to leave your site


Filled with energy, this bright color calls, and does not force, people to act. Orange is only sometimes perceived as intense – it calls for such actions as: buy, subscribe, sell. If you want your visitor to leave your website with the feeling of motivation, joy and enthusiasm, use orange. Tech companies often choose this color for their sites because it’s unique and exciting but still warm.


  • the brightest shades of orange are associated with sociability, gaiety, energy
  • speed, accurate rhythm, fiery emotions
  • an excellent antidepressant


  • deliberateness


This is one of the most universal colors, and the emotions that it causes depend on it’s shade. Bright yellow color adds energy, but without sharpness, which is present in red. Medium shades of yellow cause a sense of comfort, although still invigorating. Dark shades (including gold) provide a sense of antiquity, fill the space with timelessness, wisdom and curiosity.


  • sense of comfort
  • sense of curiosity
  • sense of energy


  • can be considered as childish or color of youth


This is the color of harmony and inner sense of happiness. Green color balances and harmonizes, creates a sense of stability. Green will be appropriate in designs related to prosperity, stability, renewal and nature. Brighter shades of green look more energetic, and olive shades are usually associated with the world of nature. Dark green looks more stable and presentable.


  • refreshing and relaxing, leaving people with a sense of inspiration
  • represents balance and harmony in design and nature


  • can be too calm, not calling visitors to action


In psychology, blue is considered as the color of people who are purposeful and self-confident. It will bring a pleasant calm to your visitors. Dark blueis considered as business color, professional and authoritative – that’s why businessmen like it so much. Blue is often used on sites related to technology, as it causes a sense of reliability and confidence.


  • blue the is calming color
  • promotes physical relaxation
  • creates an atmosphere of security and trust
  • blue is considered the color of creativity


  • is cold, that distracts user’s attention


Of course, colors should harmonize with each other and correspond to the structure and content of the site. The color scheme is his atmosphere, it must be safe: not intrusive, moderately bright. Undoubtedly, there is an objective that you set for yourself when creating a website: you want visitor to subscribe, buy, click “next”, that means, press a certain button.

Whatever the button is, clicking on it or not, depends on the sensations that the visitor experiences when he / she is on your site.

So now you know that color is one of the decisive elements of web design.

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