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Choosing WordPress template. 10 tips from Elite Author on Themeforest

If you have ever played “Until Dawn”, then you have to be familiar with the “butterfly effect”. If not, you definitely had a life situations that repeatedly demanded a decisive choice, which will lead to one or another consequences. Why are we telling this?! Choosing the right Theme for your future website is a responsible decision. The attendance, popularity, profit and further development of business will depend on it.
That’s pretty hard to choose one proposal from thousands. Our practical advice, will not take too much of your time, but it will bring the desired result, and maybe surpass it. Of course, the main factors in choosing the template for most inexperienced users will be design and appearance, but in addition to beauty it is crucial to pay attention to the following details!

Additional theme features

If you change the template, you may encounter problems displaying content and operation of the site as a whole. Your work, invested in the project will be in vain. Check with themes developers, are there any plugins used for page layout, shortcodes, sliders, tables, tabs, or is all the functionality built into the theme? If there is an open source code on GitHub and you understand it, check yourself. Most often, all the features can be found in the product description.

Cheating by demo content

Theme with demo content often looks much more attractive than with the one that you uploaded? Ask to provide examples of ready-made sites of other users and several options for filling the content. Mentally visualize your content within the template and determine whether you fit this structure and elements. Put yourself in the place of the user who sees your site for the first time. Is it convenient for him to receive information? Will he like visual design of the pages?

Pitfalls of Free themes

  • Of course, the main differences between the free theme and the premium template are the meager functionality and compatibility issues with other WP products.
  • Also the theme should support the most popular plugins – WooCommerce, Visual Composer, WPML – the same condition applies to premium templates.
  • You can face the unscrupulous work of tech support and the occasional release of updates from the developers of free themes.
  • Usually, free themes have thousands of installations, so your site may not be as individual as you planned.

Contact the developers with these issues, look for information in the product description or on the forums.

Theme support from developers

Make sure that this theme is supported by the developers and updates are released regularly. Bugs are fixed, new versions are compatible with WordPress and other products. Visit the forum, be convinced that technical support managers respond to users and solve their problems. Send the request to the development department, ask questions, analyze the answers and mark the waiting time for the answer.

Example of the support forum for clients on Themeforest

Theme options

Ask what tool was used to implement and support the settings panel. Or the panel is its own development. The developers of most popular themes on request to technical support provide admin access to the WP dashboard on the demo site. So you can check the convenience and quality of the proposed product from the inside.
Example of the correct Theme Options:

Thematic themes

Many themes are created with a very narrow specialization: for doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, schools, fitness halls and so on. Yes, such templates have their own peculiarity, but don’t immediately discard a good option, if your activity doesn’t resonate with the title of the theme. Perhaps this functionality and structure of the site is ideal for your content, it is only necessary to include imagination and creativity.


Of course, you should not trust the reviews on 100%, but we also do not recommend ignoring them. Try to objectively examine them in detail. But don’t let this be the decisive factor in your choice.
Pay attention to the Author Rating on the author’s page:

You can view all the reviews on the desired product on the theme page in the Reviews section.

The possibility of custom development and improvements

This is excellent if developers of your theme provide custom development services. After all, sooner or later you will need to change the website not only with theme options. Developers are guided in their own product better than anyone else. They will need less time in understanding and editing the code, which will save your money and time considerably.

List of features

In the description of each theme, you can find a list of features. We advise you to study it carefully and do not miss a single item: adaptive design, usability, SEO-friendly, cross-browsing, a convenient navigation system, tabs for information display, interactive shopping cart, click-ability of the slider and buttons, and much much more.

Where to buy?

There are special marketplaces where both templates and plugins are available. We recommend to make your choice on the most popular trading platform – In addition to quality assurance (moderation before addition), the platform has such useful functions as rating, reviews, customer’s personal account, search option with price criteria, category, keywords, rating and many other features that simplify the selection process.

Summing up …

Before making your choice in favor of one or another template, check in detail all the characteristics, functionality and if it’s possible work with it in a demo mode.
Follow the advice from our team and you’ll choose the right template that will meet all the requirements and most important – will bring you pleasure and profit.

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Aleksandra Pavlova

Aleksandra Pavlova

Main Support, HR Manager. She could be a fantasy books writer, but writes the content for our sites. She finds great joy in make-up artistry, chocolate and roller skates.


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