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Custom design vs ready-made theme

So, you decided to make a website based on WordPress. The first and very important thing you are interested in is the appearance of your page and it’s functionality.

One of the first decisions you have to make is choosing a ready made WordPress theme or you need a fully customized website completely designed from scratch, specifically for your needs.

Each of these options have their pros and cons. We will consider them in our today’s article.

Benefits of ready-made theme:

There are two great advantages for the ready-made WordPress themes. The first is cost. Prices for themes are different, but rarely exceed $ 70. Custom design does not fit into this price range. So if you find a ready-made solution that suits your needs, you can save a lot of money.

The second big advantage of ready-made WordPress themes is the future. Of course, this is not true for all ready-made WordPress themes. But the best of them come with regular updates, good support and a large active community that can help with settings, problem solving and so on.

You can check out the feedbacks of our clients regarding custom support here.

Disadvantages of ready-made theme

In general, the disadvantages of choosing in favor of the ready-made theme depend on who you are buying the theme from. Is the code clean? Did the developers follow the recommendations of WordPress when developing? For example, separating the functionality of the kernel from the theme design. What is their support?

When buying on Envato give preference to Elite Authors and always read the feedbacks!

The only disadvantage that will always persecute you, no matter what ready-made theme you choose – a limited possibility of customization. In most cases, you will have to stay within the bounds set by the author of the theme and configure only simple things like color, fonts and images.

Here are some examples of ready-made themes by Fruitful Code:

ANAGLYPH – One page / Multi Page WordPress Theme. Download here

ENDLESS – One page / Multi Page WordPress Theme. Download here

Movement – Personal Blog WordPress Theme. Download here

Benefits of custom design

The first bonus of custom website – you will get the exclusive design. Considering millions of blogs and websites on WordPress, any ready-made theme is doomed to be used not by several blogs, but much more. So you have the opportunity to immediately stand out from the crowd.

The second big advantage of custom website is it’s functions. There are lots of plugins on WordPress but it may be difficult to find what you need. But, if you have your own custom website, the developers can add all the needed functions and elements that will help you to succeed in your sphere.

Disadvantages of custom design

Obviously, the biggest disadvantage of developing your own WordPress website is its price. It will cost you hundreds of dollars, and sometimes thousands. Depending on your budget it can serve as an excuse for an immediate negative decision. On the other hand, it is important to invest in your online representation. So all that has been spent to make your site attractive and make it an effective part of your business – is a good investment.

Here are some custom websites by our team:

Populary – more information here


Contrinex – more about the project


Many men many minds, and we can discuss the subject of WordPress themes and customization for eternity. But now, when you know all the sides and hidden secrets, it will be much easier for you to choose the ready-made theme or get your custom website.
And what do you prefer, custom design or ready-made themes?


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