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WordPress Page Speed Optimization

Slow site repels users and lowers project position at total issuance. Therefore it makes sense to optimize and speed up its work as much as possible. Even the fact that WordPress is now one of the most popular content management systems does not affect the speed of loading sites hosted on it. A few examples of why you should immediately make a page speed optimization:

  • Delays of download page for just one second make visitors immediately leave the site. Users do not like slow sites; that is why quick sites bring more sales, gain more subscribers, likes and followers (such quick sites appeared to have made a page speed optimization).
  • Over the past two years the phrase “user experience” has become sensational, and is still on everyone’s lips. Since focus is on creating a comfortable usability, UX is an important aspect of web design, being even more important for site than its appearance.
  • Google claims web pages load speed to be a critical factor for its issuance in the free search. Since search engines are more concerned about sites which in turn take care of its users, it is logical that download speed affects the search results.

Now you know main reasons why you should take care to accelerate the operation of your WordPress site.

WordPress Page Speed Optimization

WordPress page speed optimization –
necessity or a whim?

One of on-line services that performs detailed analysis of any page of your site is Google Page SpeedEnter the address of one of your web pages and click “analysis”: resume tips of page speed optimization appear.

Another very important issue: mobile version of your site must be quick as well: more and more visitors use their smartphones surfing on the internet. And they also don’t like to wait – fact.

Do Page Speed after creation of the website for each of its pages that you want to optimize.

Focusing on WordPress Fruitful code provides a range of services to WordPress page speed optimization of the site. Therefore the faster your website loads, the more visitors you get from search engines and consequently more money to make. So page speed optimization is a must.

We also recommend WP Engine and its speed test since it has higher download speed. WP Engine infrastructure is built on WordPress and configuration of each server is tuned for optimal performance of the engine, including caching of objects, pages and fragments.

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