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WordPress IFTTT

IFTTT WordPress Recipes That Help You Stay Productive

Running a website can be a juggling act. No matter how much we praise WordPress for its user-friendly tools and options, there are still so many things that we need to care about to establish a strong digital presence.

Website owners must take important decisions on their website future, and find out how they can make the best use of the platform, without neglecting the core responsibilities of producing unique and engaging content.
If you have ever wanted your content to be automatically spread across multiple social networking websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, then IFTTT WordPress Recipes are just what you were looking for.

What is IFTTT and What it Does?

IFTTT is basically a service that allows you to establish connections with various other web services with ease when a certain event occurs. It stands for If This Then That and it has been gaining grounds due to its ability to automate a range of online services. This implies that whenever any pre-determined event occurs, the service will perform the action of your choice.

For those who are looking for more reliable ways to create a post that automatically gets published on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking platform, then IFTTT is a must. Additionally, this five-letter service also allows you to display your favorite Flickr image or YouTube video on your blog without any difficulty.

WordPress IFTTT is built upon its own private channels and presently there are 171 of them. WordPress channel works both with and Some of the other included services are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • You Tube
  • Evernote
  • DropBox
  • Instagram
  • Google Drive
  • Linkedin

It’s quite clear that any popular service of the online world can be used with IFTTT. Further, there are also some other channels available, more specifically for those who use mobile applications on a regular basis.

Activate IFTTT WordPress Channel

WordPress IFTTT

Hosted WordPress blogs and blogs will work with the IFTTT WordPress Channel.


Triggers represent “This” part of the sentence. The main idea is to allow you to opt for a specific event, which has to be carried out, when the trigger is activated. These events are activated on another service and perform a range of tasks.

You can choose from two actions on WordPress that will trigger the recipe:

  • Any new post. This Trigger fires every time you publish a new post on your public WordPress blog.
  • New post with tag or category. This Trigger fires every time you publish a new post on your public WordPress blog with a specific tag or category.

An example for this can be: the trigger could be: “when I publish this blog”, while the action can be: “send a tweet”.

This implies that every time you create a blog, IFTTT will activate the recipe and a pre-determined tweet is made to your account.


Actions are “that” part of the IFTTT equation. The function is considered extremely important when it comes to auto-blogging because it instructs what to publish on your blog post.

The following actions can be chosen by the user:


Ingredients are what that play a significant role to revamp the functionalities of Triggers and Actions. The ingredients are nothing but pieces of data that determine the type of events that are specific for Trigger. For example, you can specify a certain action should be activated only when an email is sent to a particular address.


Recipes are what that remain in the end when everything relating to IFTTT gets completed. Recipes can be shared and can be created and customized as per your needs.

The best IFTTT WordPress automation recipes

Post Instagram photos to Blog

WordPress IFTTT

Recommended by Matt Mullenweg from Automattic, this recipe will create a photo post on your WordPress blog every time you share any new photo on Instagram.

Post your Instagram photos as native Twitter photos

WordPress IFTTT

Joey Kudish is using this handy recipe to automatically tweet his Instagram photos as full images rather than just links.

Blog to twitter

WordPress IFTTT

John Saddington is using a recipe to share blog updates on his twitter feed.

Publish your latest WordPress post to a Facebook fan page with a post title and link

WordPress IFTTT

Facebook fan page is quite important for site owners who want to engage their audience on social networking platforms. Using this handpicked recipe, every time you publish a new post on your site, a notification will be sent to the Facebook users through the fan page update.

Create a Backup of your WordPress Posts on Google Drive

WordPress IFTTT

This recipe will automatically send your WordPress post backups to a Google Drive for free. It’s easy to set up, and works well if you have created a Google account with Gmail and Google Drive.

Wrap Up

All said and done! IFTTT is a sure winner when it comes to connecting other web services to promote your website and its content. The service is just awesome and everyone should take some time to play around with it.

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Mike Swan

Mike Swan is professional WordPress developer and loves to share his experiences in web design and web development trends.


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