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WordPress or Magento 

What choose: wordpress or magento ?

Is It wise To Ditch Magento For WordPress?

There have been continuous debates regarding the better choice among Magento and WordPress for running a website.
While a majority of web development frameworks have made their way towards becoming the number one choice of website builders, WordPress is a CMS platform which has definitely been appreciated by one and all. Although, both these platforms have created a benchmark in the world of e-commerce development, choosing one over the one is something that needs to be looked into well. Through this post, I’ll be focusing on some of the prime reasons which motivate website owners to switch from Magento to WordPress.

Affordability comes by default with WordPress

When it comes to developing a web portal in a cost-efficient way, nothing can beat WordPress. The easy and quick availability of free third-party plugins play a vital role in making WordPress a 100% viable shopping cart solutions. Also, talking about the hosting service charges, you end up paying a lot more with Magento as compared to WordPress.

WordPress comes with a steep learning curve

As compared to Magento e-commerce solution, WordPress comes with a steep learning curve. That means, you can quickly grasp the basics of creating and managing a website using WordPress. Also, creating a page in WordPress is much simpler as compared to the same job done in Magento. While in WordPress, it can be done in a few clicks, Magento expects you to invest your time and efforts into programming. If your surf the internet, you’ll find excellently written tutorials on getting started with using WordPress for fulfilling your e-commerce development needs.

WordPress is more SEO-friendly as compared to Magento

Search engine optimization has become the prime approach to ensuring 100% search engine crawling of websites and e-stores. Unlike the case of running your site on Magento, choosing WordPress will turn beneficial for the search engine ranking of your website. As a well-built platform for publishing different types of content, WordPress comes with search engine friendly features, by default. Plus, the easy accessibility to incredibly effective WP SEO plugins makes it simpler for you to add the best seo features into your existing WP site. SEO Plugin by Yoast is one of the leading WordPress plugins which serves as an all-in-one solution for handling everything related to your website’s seo such as: meta descriptions, SEO titles, XML etc.

Adding e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website is simple and quick

If you’re one who’s already using WordPress as the prime content publishing tool, then there’s a lot more in store for you. Anytime you wish to sell products and services online, you can simply download and install some of the best WordPress plugins which will allow you to add flawless e-commerce functionality into your existing WordPress website. The best part is that this can be done in utmost convenient manner. Irrespective of whether you’re interested in selling merchandise like e-books, t-shirts, shoes etc or want to build an e-commerce store from scratch, WordPress offers you the convenience of meeting your needs in the best possible manner.

Purchasers are more comfortable exploring a WordPress e-commerce equipped website

When we talk about the buyer’s purchasing convenience, WordPress undoubtedly overpowers Magento. Whether it’s adding products to the shopping cart or performing the checkout process, buyers are always contented with the kind of performance delivered by a WordPress powered e-commerce website. This is something which doesn’t come by default in Magento and the e-store owner has to invest a lot of money in embellishing the online store with extensions that can render flawless purchasing experience.


After going through the varied pros associated with choosing WordPress for website/e-store development, I’m sure most of you would have started thinking about migrating your Magento e-commerce site to WordPress. So, what are you thinking about? Go ahead and make the right move for ascertaining optimal visitors to your store/site. WordPress or Magento ? -decide for yourself

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Edward Jones

As a certified top-notch developer, Edward Jones has an impressive expertise in Wordpress & he provide concrete information on wordpress related tips & trends.


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