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jQuery FlexSlider

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine any modern website without any slider. Usually it is placed in the most visible place – at the top of the main page. Thus, this is the first element of the page that the visitors see, which means that it should be as attractive, informative and bright as possible. The slider is the “face of the site”. For this reason, every website owner is trying to make his slider unique, different from others, it should tell the guests about what awaits them in the future journey through the pages of this web site.
According to statistics, 85% of visitors do not go beyond the main page and close the site, if on the first page there are annoying, substandard, incomprehensible elements (the first such element is the slider). Do not spare the time and effort to develop a qualitative website, where every detail will show your professional skills and serious attitude towards a competitive advantage.

There is a huge number of various plugins that allow creating multifunctional sliders. Choosing our team – jQuery FlexSlider.


Using this tool to create a slider you will have the following options:

  • Automatic generation of image rewind;
  • Displays video as well as images;
  • Pagination of pages;
  • Control display of the rewind arrows or pagination using the slider’s option;
  • The opportunity to style the slider with CSS or to connect the plug-ready CSS styles and edit them;
  • Hardware accelerated touch swipe support, convenient on smartphones and tablets;
  • Keyboard control;
  • Various types of animation;
  • Horizontal/vertical slide and fade animations;
  • Frame rate;
  • Animation speed;
  • Direction of scrolling the slider;
  • Navigation for each slide;
  • Creating a dynamic pause / play item;
  • Carousel with min and max ranges;
  • Sync works of one slider with another and much more.

What are the advantages of FlexSlider?

  1. Simple semantic markup – will increase the chances of turning ordinary users into potential customers.
  2. Cross-browser compatibility – supported by all major browsers.
  3. Various options for customization – the ability to create a unique slider, even in the absence of programming languages knowledge .
  4. Lightweight – the weight of each plugin and the tool is very important in the whole project.
  5. Use any HTML elements in the slides
  6. Created for beginners and professionals – convenient and understandable documentation.
  7. Free use under license MIT.
  8. Fully responsive jQuery slider plugin.
  9. Compatible with the latest jQuery version .
  10. Multiple slider support, Callback API and much more.


You can connect the jQuery FlexSlider plugin to any theme you choose, or can download a premium template with the built-in FlexSlider. The Fruitful Code team took care of you and your time and created free WordPress themes with a built-in slider plugin. You just need to download the template you like and customize it to your preference. Or contact our experienced developers who will accomplish your wildest ideas into reality!

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Aleksandra Pavlova

Aleksandra Pavlova

Main Support, HR Manager. She could be a fantasy books writer, but writes the content for our sites. She finds great joy in make-up artistry, chocolate and roller skates.


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