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Maintenance PRO WordPress Plugin – Review

In today’s competitive world everyone should immediately catch up with the situation because fortune may be intangible. Nobody wants to get into troubles, including online entrepreneurs, whose business is mostly functioning on the Internet, which happens to be a problem area. Downtime may be scheduled, but sometimes it comes as a surprise. We at Fruitful Code know how to put a WordPress site into the maintenance mode in a fancy way, and that is why our experts have created the particular Maintenance plugin, that is a real lifeboat for the sites experiencing downtime.

The plugin is available both in the free and chargeable versions. While the free version is the iconic Maintenance plugin, the pro plugin version is full of expanded opportunities incorporating our unrivaled expertise.

  • 3+ million downloads
  • 400 000+ active installs
  • 3 800+ sales of the pro version
  • $75 000 profit for the pro version

Maintenance PRO is the WordPress plugin developed by the Fruitful Code team.

maintenance pro-product-page-1

It comes in handy when the WordPress site administrator has to enable the “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” error. That can be performed with the login form, which is available in the right sidebar hidden behind the lock button.


The plugin has a user-friendly interface and is easy-to-use, which is justified by the 2+ million download mark. You can autonomously install, set up and manage it. The intuitive admin settings page contains the checkbox, which contributes to the swift customization. Anyone can turn on the “WordPress site under construction” mode at all hours and in any manner.

Choose the layout style

Pick up the layout style for the maintenance page not to let it look even a little out of place.  Users like attending stylish sites, which are aesthetically pleasing. Create a photo gallery with the changing images as the background for your maintenance page to make it look attractive – you can use the default options as in the examples below and upload the custom images to your liking.

Apply the blur effect to fade the background and make information pop on the smooth canvas.


Schedule the maintenance counter to be more precise with the website’s readiness. This feature is particularly suitable for some launch campaign to build up the suspense. You can choose between the simple, round and square countdown types to match the site’s design.


Make the maintenance page swanky by adding a YouTube/Vimeo video to the background – such a trick can work in your favor by drawing user’s attention and making your maintenance spicy.


Let your users subscribe to the email feed informing on the website’s availability. Gaining leads is crucial, but having their contact details means hitching jackpot since now they can be easily exported to the CSV file for the subsequent actions regarding the creation of the personal digital community.


It is vital to stay tuned with the users through the social networking. Just add the social media icons to your maintenance page to let them choose the channel of communication.


Demonstrate the brand

Since brand awareness is a big deal for influencers, we took care of your concern. Now you can incorporate branding with the color picker and font library while using our WordPress maintenance mode plugin. Try a live demo to taste the benefits of having an appropriate maintenance page.

maintenance pro-landing-1By the way, we suggest infusing the maintenance page with your headlines, logos, various images and other attributes of the maintenance mode page to stay recognizable.

Get your site retina ready

Make sure that your site is accessible through all the possible gadgets even if it is going through the tough time. Creating the perfect user experience on any device is a must-do for the top-notch brands, because if you are not accessible on some gadget – then you probably do not exist.

The Maintenance PRO WordPress plugin is the go-to tool for both keeping the site afloat during its downtime and hiding the WordPress site, which is under construction. As a classical WordPress solution, the plugin also serves as the individual project delivering a bunch of features to customize the site’s downtime in the style of your brand. And furthermore, it requires neither extra effort nor development expenditure. Thus, the inconveniences can be easily handled anytime and anywhere since it supports multiple languages, which contributes to its efficiency.

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