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What is Revolution Slider?

What Makes Revolution Slider One Of The Best WordPress Slider Plugins?

At one time, adding extra effects to an HTML website required you to write code and make changes to the core files of your website. But, with the advent of CMS such as WordPress, you can now easily edit or add things with just a single click. What’s more, you can easily change the look and feel of your site homepage, posts or pages with the help of a plugin. Additionally, because of the plugin capabilities, you can also make your site more engaging for users. For instance slider plugins provide a convenient way to display your content in an attention grabbing way. These plugins also encourage users to stay longer on your site.

Finding a beautiful and useful slider from a dozen of WordPress plugins available on the web isn’t a cakewalk. Revolution slider is one of the best WordPress slider plugin worth checking out. This plugin has gained wide popularity in the WordPress community because of its ease of use and astounding features it offers. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the few features of the Revolution Slider plugin that makes it so great.


So, What is Revolution Slider? Perhaps the best aspect about the Revolution slider plugin is that it is responsive ready. Using a responsive theme ensures that the content will adapt to any device screen. However, some media elements like sliders often don’t resize properly to fit mobile displays, regardless of the responsiveness of your theme. But with Revolution slider, you can easily configure “multiple size displays” from the slider settings to customize the slider so that it properly fits to various screen sizes. Furthermore, slides can be transitioned using a finger swipe and/or button presses.

What is Revolution Slider

Since browsing on mobile devices is becoming more popular compared to desktop browsing, site owners using non-responsive slider layouts will be compelled to upgrade to responsive sliders. And in that case, choosing Revolution Slider is definitely worth considering.

Drag & Drop Functionality

Revolution slider slide building editor works on the basis of drag and drop functionality. And so, instead of having to write code for positioning your layers with CSS, the plugin allows you to place your layers easily with a mouse click. Put it simply, the slider helps to easily place media elements (like images and video), simply by allowing you to drag and drop layers anywhere on the slide.

What is Revolution Slider

The drag and drop functionality of the Revolution slider enables you to create sliders – with unique animations and styles – ideally that are a perfect combination of text items, images and video.

Slide Editing Options

Once you’ve added a slide in your site, you can edit it from the Revolution slide settings page and have control over things like navigation, transition, speed of captions, etc. This plugin comes loaded with a wide range of standard slide transition types (such as zoom and parallax styles). In addition to this, Revolution slider plugin also gives you the ability to edit the CSS of each slide separately. You can choose to display the slides in the form of thumbnail navigation, or button, or as simple bullets.

What is Revolution Slider


Text Overlays

In older versions of slider plugins, in order to add text to an image, you’d have to first edit each image individually and then set the image (together with text) in the sliders. And thus, a lot of time is wasted in the editing phase. Besides this, you also need to work a lot for updating even simple text displays. However, Revolution Slider helps to place text overlays on the slide devoid of images. This makes it much easier to update the slider text for dynamic products, services, or other offerings on your site.

What is Revolution Slider

Multi-Language Support

Website owners constantly seek for ways that help expand their site reach to a global audience. And so, it becomes very important to run a multilingual site. Do you need to translate your website slides into multiple languages simultaneously? There’s nothing to worry about! Revolution Slider comes with multi-language (WPML) support.

What is Revolution Slider

Let’s Wrap Up!

Revolution Slider is a premium WordPress slider plugin, and so you’ll have to spend a few bucks to use the plugin on your site. But, considering the excellent features it offers this WordPress slider is worth a try.

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Sophia Phillips

Sophia Phillips loves sharing information about leveraging multiple benefits of WordPress in the best possible manner. Currently, she has an impressive count of WordPress - related articles under her name.


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