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Tips for web developers

Tips for web developers for high CTR

The higher the conversion rate, the higher revenue to the business. Now we are in a customer-centric world where things are prominently done to please the business clients, website designing is not an exception to it. With every business professional scouring the internet for recent web design attributes for higher conversion, it is now time for us to talk about the trends once again.
While other are talking about the trends as a whole, we will be focusing on the facts that are tried and tested to bring you the conversion and ultimately the business revenue.
Here is more about the proven trends to ensure the higher conversion rates.

Simple & Standard Web Design

Having a simple website look is not a bad thing at all. This is because the ways of consuming the web have been changed slightly now. Today, it is all about offering the unique experience to the visitors and what could suit it better than having websites designed simply but with standard web designs. Google has also studied and found out that users not only judge the websites as beautiful or not within 1/50th – 1/20th of a second but also rate “visually complex” websites lesser than their simpler counterparts.

simple design

Responsive Design

I would recommend using responsive designs for web design trend as such websites are open to being accessed by any of the platforms, whether a smartphone or a tablet. This increases the possibility of more visitors from different platforms, thus increasing the conversion rates by a few percentage. This practice is a step towards designing mobile ready websites, which has now become more prominent with the Google’s mobile-friendly update.


Flat Design

Flat design focuses on the fact that there should be the emphasis on the minimal use of stylish elements. Flat designs give the illusion of three dimensions, thus making them more prominent. Flat design also emphasizes on strict 2D use along with utilizing bold and vivid colors. It ensures a better users experience to the clients visiting the websites having a flat design.


Full-Width Images and Videos

Using full-width images is one of the attributes to retain visitors’ attention towards the websites; thus increasing the likelihood of a conversion click. Images connect to the audiences really well and if the image showcases people marketing your brand, the conversion chances increase prominently. Additionally, if it is a video presenting your brand, a few clicks can easily be promised.

full size images

Hover Effects

Hover effect is gaining its due popularity with its effectivity of getting conversion clicks. A lot of e-commerce websites have already started practicing the hover effect approach. This CSS-based technique enables developers to access elements and their attributes when the mouse hovers over the product. The best advantage of hover effect is that the UI elements will appear only when the mouse will be hovered over the product so that sites can be kept light in weight and simple.


Sticky CTA

CTAs are your perfect partner to increase the conversion. Giving an easy access to own the product is all about having a call to action button on the item showcased on the websites. The fact that it prompts visitors to get the showcased product cannot be ignored. Sticky CTAs, on the other hand, need a little bit of coding. With this very attribute, the service providers have the opportunity to choose the place for CTA making it stick to a part of visitors’ screen as content is scrolled down.

Simple Navigation

Users like things that have been simplified for them and simple navigation find a place in them. Simple navigation helps the users get a smooth navigating experience, which is, of course, going to count for an increased conversion rate. Thus, it is recommended to use fewer banners and make slider navigation much easier for the users.

Personalized User Experiences

Personalized user experience for the visitors is going to count for the increased conversion rates. Offering a personal experience to the users is all about getting that required click from them with the stuff that are liked by the searchers. Offering users the products that have already been browsed or liked is likely to get an easy conversion from the visitors over that particular website that was browsed lately.

Different Payment Options

A conversion click is easy to get when the users experience a hassle-free navigation over certain websites. For that particular click, it is important to make the users contented from different points of view right from offering personalized browsing experience to offering them a range of payment options to make the shopping a seamless experience for them. Some users may wish to get COD while others may find doing the banking transaction. Thus, offering different payment options is always going to win the click from the clients.



Those Tips for web developers that are listed here have already been seen in practice by a number of website owners. These are tested options to get a conversion and thus, incorporating the attributes is always going to count for the business success.

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