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Scheduling WordPress Backups to Avoid Data Loss Using WPB2D

Remember, no matter how much you whine about the hours and efforts you’ve put into your site, hackers will do their work and hack your WordPress site. And, you’ll almost lose everything forever until you’ve created a backup. But an unfortunate reality is that users often overlook performing the backup operation for the site because it turns out to be too expensive and time-consuming. What if you get to know that there a backup solution that can help back up your WP site for free and just take a few minutes to setup? That’s possible with the assistance of the WordPress Backups to Dropbox (also referred to as WPB2D) plugin.

Note: The post is written assuming you have a Dropbox account. If not, then you can sign up for one here.

There’s a possibility that you might wonder why you should bother installing a plugin that requires you to create a Dropbox account in the first place. The answer is simple – Dropbox gives a copious amount of storage for all your website files. Also, it renders flexibility in sharing the files.
So, if you’re convinced at creating an account in Dropbox, it is imperative that you are aware of what is Dropbox. If not, then read on to understand what do we mean by Dropbox. Additionally, you’ll get to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the WPB2D plugin and how it can be utilized for backing up your WordPress website files.

WordPress backup to Dropbox: step-by-step

An Overview of Dropbox

Dropbox is among the most popular cloud storage and sharing service providers that allow accessing your files from anywhere, on multiple devices. Moreover, the cloud service renders the documents editing ability along with the competency to add photos and video, and then it lets you share the data with your team. So, utilizing Dropbox proves a viable alternative as a backup solution for WordPress site owners.
The best part is that Dropbox helps you create a free basic account that provides users with 2 GB of storage space. The free version also offers features such as the file sharing ability, and “access from anywhere” functionality. But if you’re ready to shell out some money or would like to use additional features, then you can consider upgrading the free version to Dropbox Pro by spending $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

Dropbox Pro provides an additional 1000 GB (i.e. 1 TB) of storage space, better and extra sharing controls, and unmatched sync with videos, photos, docs, and other stuff. Most importantly, it helps in adding a better layer of security in protecting your shared links, by allowing people with a password to access those links and so on.
Fortunately, many plugins are available online that simplifies the task of backing up files to your Dropbox account. However, in this post, we’ll be talking about the WPB2D plugin only.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of WordPress Backup to Dropbox

wordpress backup to dropbox

Apparently, many WordPress experts will give suggestions on using more robust applications available for creating WordPress backup. They might even encourage to go for more powerful paid backup options out there. But trust me, WPB2D will prove a safe bet for most of you seeking a free yet reliable backup solution. What makes this plugin great is 5-minute installation setup aside from the fact that it is easy to operate.
However, the only problem with using WPB2D is that it does not provide access to features like 1-click restores and a few others. So, if you need something more advanced, you can try utilizing other plugins such as BackUPWordPress, Updraft Plus, VaultPress and others.

How Can You Configure WordPress Backup to Dropbox?

Below is the step-by-step process that will help in configuring the WPB2D plugin for your WordPress install:

Step 1 – Open up your site’s admin dashboard and from the navigation menu move to Plugins → Add New option.

Step 2 – Next, just type “Backup to Dropbox” in the search bar. And, you’ll find the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin will appear on the top of the plugins list as follows:

wordpress backup to dropbox

Next, press the “Install Now” option for installing the WPB2D plugin.

Step 3 – After completing the installation process, you’ll just have to simply click on the “Activate Plugin” option:
Once you activate the plugin, it will get added to your dashboard panel.

wordpress backup to dropbox

Step 4 – Now, for setting up the plugin, head back to your dashboard panel and look for WPB2D. Under the “WPB2D” option choose “Backup Settings”.

wordpress backup to dropbox

This will open up the following window:

wordpress backup to dropbox

Next, you need to authorize your WordPress site, so as to connect it with Dropbox. For this, just click on the “Authorize” button highlighted in the image above. This will lead you to following screen that will ask your permission to “Allow” the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin to access data stored in your Dropbox account:

wordpress backup to dropbox

Step 5 – Now go back to your WPB2D option added to the dashboard navigation menu, from there select the ‘Backup Settings’ option again. Doing so, will take you to a setup page, wherein you need to enter details (as shown in the screenshot below). You even get to choose the day and time when you would like to do a backup of your WordPress site.

wordpress backup to dropbox

Step 6 – Lastly, make sure to go through the backup logs and reports. For this part, hover on the WPB2D option and select Backup Monitor. This will present the real-time report of your website backup that will something like:


wordpress backup to dropbox

With the continuous increase in security threats in WordPress, backing up your site can prove an excellent precautionary measure in keeping your website data safe. Moreover, a backup also proves useful for recovering data you may lose while making updates to your WordPress install. While there are various backup approaches and solutions on the Internet, using a plugin such as the WordPress Backup to Dropbox for backing up your site in worth a try.

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Kaira Clark is a web developer and also a passionate blogger. Kaira writes informative posts on various Web Technologies and its related topics to share her knowledge and experience of delivering best possible WordPress solutions to users.


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