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Start Selling Your Own Theme at ThemeForest

Web designers are service providers – they create beautiful websites for each and everyone. According to W3techs, WordPress is chosen by 31% of sites as a reliable platform. As a content management system, WordPress enjoys the 59,9% market share which means that WordPress specialists are in demand with the online entrepreneurs conquering eCommerce by leaps and bounds.

Sometimes they build websites from the very beginning upon customer request, but they also do have a stock of ready solutions by their side. The point is, that website development is an arduous process requiring many efforts, like gathering information, planning, design, content writing, coding, testing, and maintenance. To save time and act more proactively at the niche market, they opt to create multiple themes and templates to have them ready when needed. Such an approach guarantees operational readiness and professional excellence, which wins over the customers.

1.Know where the web designers are hiding

Another feature increasing the market chances is to develop and sell WordPress themes on different marketplaces. Some web designers have personal points of sale, where the customers can reach out to them and request some solution. Unfortunately, the web market is vast, and it is quite complicated to stand a good chance when a crowd of like minds surrounds one. Luckily, there is an excellent way to stand out in that crowd. In most cases, web designers access the particular resources specializing in selling various templates. Being the most extensive global community of creatives, ThemeForest is one of such resources.

2.How does it work?

This marketplace is a mechanism accumulating expertise from various backgrounds. It offers heavy traffic and thus guarantees high sales opportunities. It turns out to be heavily stocked with the fresh and exclusive ThemeForest WordPress themes and templates which come both for free and in pro versions. According to ThemeForest, there are currently 42 127 WordPress themes and templates available on the platform. The price varies from theme to theme depending on the solution complexity. The total number of sold themes not only determines the designer’s popularity in the digital realm but also defines the income percentage of the sale. As a rule, authors of unique ideas receive 35% – 50% of sales, while owners of non-exclusive solutions receive 25% of each sale. In other words, the income percentage depends on the number of solutions for sale.

3.Not born yesterday

Fruitful Code, in its turn, is an Elite author of exclusive WordPress solutions at ThemeForest.


Our experts have been supplying ThemeForest users with the effective WordPress solutions for more than six years. We love our work, and we are continually looking for a chance to take our services to another level. Such an approach determines our credibility and reliability, as evidenced by the sales statistics at ThemeForest.

4.Licenses, requests, and all that jazz

All our products at ThemeForest come with two license types – regular and extended ones. While the regular one stands for the end product, which is ready to be used, the extended license grants purchasers the ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide right to make use of the selected template. In this way, any template can be transformed by any means – you can change the design, replace elements with the more relevant ones and consequently come up with the brand-new website. Briefly, either of our solutions can be purchased with the further right to undergo any transformation, if desired. If the lines typed above sound like a plan in your head – then don’t hesitate to move towards our fruitful cooperation. Once you pick up a solution close to your heart, email us, and we’ll send a request for our collaboration to Envato Support. Having completed all the formalities, you will have a chance to make your creative potential a beautiful reality.

5.Move forward!

We feel responsible for our pieces of work, and we want them to continue their essential journey once you make up your mind to start selling and promoting your build-ups. To that end, we would like to share our experience and provide you with some recommendations, which have proved their efficiency.

6.Always Keep Going Over What Happened

Getting a Soft Rejection letter is a routine practice, which means that the product is almost ready, but still requires some last touches. Pay particular attention to the letter describing your weak points, or navigate to the user panel in the Hidden Items section under the History tab for more details. Just don’t give up on your hope of becoming a pro! Receiving a Hard Rejection letter is frustrating, and yet – challenging. Be ready to face a difficult task because there will be not a tiny hint for you pointing to your mistakes. You should create the easy to sell WordPress themes that is why we recommend aiming at improving the quality of your solutions.

7.10 Tips for Creating the Best-Selling ThemeForest WordPress Themes

Here are some points to keep in mind when creating your design:

  • Create multi-purpose solutions for people with various backgrounds – stick to the one-size-fits-all approach to make the template highly customizable
  • Create a unique piece of work to avoid criticism
  • Make sure, that your design meets the aesthetic requirements of the marketplace
  • Create a strong visual hierarchy
  • Turn your template into the useful and convenient tool
  • Use licensed content and always leave references to the data used, even if it comes for free
  • Use optimized images to save loading time on the website
  • Mind the website typography, because each detail counts
  • Test your code to make it reliable
  • Prepare documentation adequately to develop a professional approach to solution delivery


Creating a spectacular template and making it an eye candy is tedious, but the outcome is always rewarding. Remember, that no perfection was achieved in the blink of an eye. Learn all the nuts and bolts of creating a charming piece of work to be more confident in your further steps. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, since they are very instructive. Take your time and all the possible resources to dig into each stage of solution development to go a bomb!

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