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How To Switch WordPress Website To HTTPS

As early as 2014, Google said that if you use the HTTPS protocol, significant ranking bonuses for the site will be available as an advantage over those who do not. Google focused on the safety of users while surfing the Internet.

Of prime importance it is for those resources where you need to enter credit card information or other personal data. All transmitted information is encrypted, which excludes the possibility of getting access to it by unauthorized persons.

In addition to secure and confidential information exchange, the use of HTTPS for the site can improve its position in search results by influencing behavioral factors. The difference between HTTPS and HTTP is primarily expressed by the high level of trust to websites that use the safer of these two protocols.

Using the HTTPS protocol for the site, you can significantly reduce the number of failures and thereby affect its promotion. It also helps to increase conversion.

Security concept: Lock on digital screen, contrast, 3d render
Security concept: Lock on digital screen, contrast, 3d render

HTTPS protocol has credibility from search engines. Being one of the ranking factors according to official data, HTTPS protocol significance will grow with time. It’s up to you to make a transition now or later, however sooner or later it will be necessary to do this.

Primary package allows you to use its services included WordPress HTTPS Configuration and transfer from HTTP to HTTPS protocol.

Don’t hesitate and make your website more trustworthy!

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