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Time Tracking Software for Agencies

“Being busy all the time does not mean that you have high productivity” (с)

Time is money, – says the main principle of capitalism.
Employer does not want to pay for incomplete work, while employee counts each dollar it is assigned.
Such saying has long been forcing to create working solution and provide its integration along with implementation into today’s needs. As a result timetracker has appeared. Today such app is a must-have at the company that wants to track its staff working activity.

Let’s get straight to most used apps for time tracking.

1. Everhour 

Everhour is a tracker that allows to manage working time wisely (highly obvious task for time tracker, however not all apps meet these challenges).
You can manually estimate any task inside of the project just in one click, as well as set estimates on behalf of your colleagues.
Employees can track personal estimates with the help of progress bars and keep them within the deadlines and budgets.

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Use Everhour tools to pick up full history of task time and estimates, so then your colleagues or clients could see them on request. It could display the whole changelog: who logged manually, when/what changes were made and by whom.

Start working with Everhour is as simple as it can be: press start/stop timer button to measure your time spent on specific task. No need to comment every time entry to indicate what you are working on. Just press the timer next to the task title.


Everhour integrates into your tasks in Asana, Basecamp, Pivotal, Trello and GitHub, so no need to bring up to date employees with another tool.

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For the ease of use Everhour offers:

  • Time tracking right inside your existing projects and tasks
  • Comprehensive estimating options
  • Extremely flexible reporting
  • Be aware of what your team members do at the moment
  • Mobile responsive
  • 2-weeks free trial, no card required

“Most owners of companies know their employees’ activity only in general: designers do design, sales managers sell. In fact, numbers of different tasks are done by employee every day, and there can be several different reasons for the failure of deadlines. When management thinks that the project has failed due to lack of time or its illiterate allocation someone is being assigned to find a program for time tracking. “

2. Harvest

Harvest is a service for accounting working hours, creation schedules, billing and output reports.

Throughout its existence (11 years) Harvest has undergone many changes and improvements. However, the main functionality has remained unchanged – it is still one of the most powerful services for time tracking, which is used by tens of thousands of users around the world.


Main functions:

  • Manual and automatic tracking of working hours.
  • Function of generating reports. It shows progress and loss of time.
  • Creation of flexible invoices based on your working hours.
  • Separation of projects into paid and unpaid.
  • Integration with more than 80 applications, including Slack, QuickBooks and so on.


“It is worth keeping in mind that there is a big difference between employment and productivity. The latter does not depend on how much you work: it depends on how many cases you bring to the end.

You can begin to perform many tasks and none of them will be completed within a week. Interference with this can be a constant communication with colleagues, checking mail, performing secondary tasks all day. By so doing you will be much less productive than a person working 30 hours a week, but really involved in the process.”

3. Toggle 

This service has almost everything necessary to organize the work of a freelancer or even a small company. Most service functions are available even in the free version.

Main functions:

  • Manual and automatic tracking of working hours.
  • Separation of projects into paid and unpaid.
  • The ability to divide the team into departments and groups.
  • The function of generating reports that show progress and time.

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Timers are synchronized on all connected devices, so you can start working on your computer and continue on the phone.

Timers work in offline mode and are synchronized when you are back on the Internet.

For each task you can specify the customer and the project. This can be used to generate reports. Web service allows you to filter records by date, customer and project.
Therefore it is possible to find out how much time was spent during the month for the project, or the proportion of working time that the orders of a particular customer had taken during the week. The paid version of Toggl adds support for the joint work of several users and the ability to set the hourly rate for calculating the amount of money from hours worked.

4. Yaware

Yaware is a fully automatic employee time tracking system for computers.

Yaware captures the user’s work with various resources (programs, Internet sites), analyzes these data in a “productive-non-productive” section and provides reports in the form of convenient graphs.


Yaware provides time management tools for both business and individual users.

The Yaware business version is an effective human resource management system, in which the following functions are available:

  • Installation on the network to track the time of employees of the whole company
  • Computer grouping by departments
  • Sorting programs by the directions of use (office programs, multimedia programs, games, etc.)
  • Charting
  • Function “Manager” (distribution of access for managers, heads of departments), etc.


You can also configure a different level of access to Yaware: for the head of department, hr-manager, system administrator and accountant.


Our tips and lifehacks in time management:


1) Use tracking app to understand how much time you spend on particular task and how much time you simply “waist”.

2) Eliminate anything that distracts you from work or makes procrastinating. Conduct as few meetings as possible. Change the interaction with colleagues: if you are often disturbed, move to another part of the office or wear headphones.

3) Prioritize and work on the most important tasks first. Divide them into difficult and more easy. Start from completing the most important and complicated tasks.
In the end of the day only few small tasks will be left so you can easily finish them in the twinkling of an eye.

4) To achieve more results in a short period of time – set deadlines to your tasks.
The fewer days (hours) are allocated according to the plan for the task, the more concentrated you are, and spend less time to do the work.
When you don’t have exact deadline, you spend more time for taking decisions and completing of tasks.

5) Breaks are as important as the work itself. However, a simple change in activity is often not enough. To recharge, you need to get up from the table every 1.5 hours.
For creative people longer breaks are useful, for example, lunch with friends or a walk. This break is what you need to make the unproductive afternoon turn into a creative breakthrough.

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