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What is SEO?

What is SEO?!
– very important question, that everyone should ask themselves. Everyone deserves to get a clear and not less important answer. So, sit down folks, now We will tell you – what is real “SEO”. In our article we’ll not use any useless. Thats why be ready to take notes and share this Holy SEO-Bible with your friends

SEO definition:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – is a key set of measures to increase quality & quantity of Internet traffic through Organic Search & search results (visitors, leads, customers etc.); directed for your Website, any web-page, Social network profile, apps and everything which can be find in major Search Engines (Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, & so on). Great part of SEO – is understanding of the SEO Keywords nature. At least SEO can be: On-Page, Off-Page, Local.

For better understanding of What is SEO and how it works it will be good that you read the History of Google Search Engine and how it works (Not now, first of all – finish reading this one (˘◡˘ ) Or see this short video for a few minutes:

Huh, are you not tired yet? So move on!
You’ve just learned new terms and we have to explain them too:

SEO Keywords

– Is a list of useful key phrases for your niche which users are entering into search engines form (line) to find relevant information, they are looking for. Another important fact about keywords: they have own needed density, volume rank (how much people are using this keyword in search by month), competitive rank, difficulty rank. Understanding of those parameters will let you choose the relevant keywords for getting TOP results in Search.

Organic Search

We will explain it by this picture: 

  1. Search query (SEO keyword)
  2. Results Amount (Show us competitive level)
  3. Google Ads (Google AdWords, paid Advertising)
  4. Organic Reach snippet, SEO optimized
  5. Organic Simple snippet, without SEO optimized microformats

On-Page SEO

-It is practical actions of optimization with both: invisible HTML, js source code and visible parts of website for user. They are intended to gain of higher Search Engines Rankings, for getting TOP positions in search results. That’s why Web pages with good On-Page characteristics are gathering much bigger traffic of users.

Off-page SEO

-Is a very big complex of promoting your Website or any other web page/app, etc. It’s provided only after On-Page optimization and works with it by synergy. Great part of ‘Off-Page’ is linkbuilding – gathering of high quality backlinks to your web source (website, social profile etc.) by any Accessible methods that are not contraddict with rules of Google SEO-friendly site (this methods are calls like “White-Hat SEO”). Off-page promotion can give you up to 70% of success and it includes a lot of ways in linkbuilding, such as: work with social media, guest posting, reputational marketing (writing of useful testimonials and suggestions), blogging, etc. with subsequent attachment of backlink to your site. (There are also types of backlinks – “without – ” or “with Anchor text”, with “dofollow” tag, “nofollow” tag and so on. We will explain this topic in the next article).

Local SEO

-Local SEO – is full cycle of optimizing for specific Geo-Location to get TOP results in it, for example: Country, Region/State, City … It is more effective strategy for small resources of time & budget to get faster results, than optimizing through all over the World Search and so on. There you have to pick up more specifically keywords with contrast of geographic location, for example: “nearest zoo shop”, or “hotels in New York”, etc. In Google results we see it like:


“What is SEO” tutorial guides & gifts

Hey, lets take a minute of rest in reading.
We have for you 2 awesome Things! Yes, its absolutely for FREE. So, Are you ready?

  1. Our team prepared for you a lot of Support & Consulting hours if you have specific questions or suggestions. Contact us, because we are here to help you!
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Now, you have reached the most interesting!

What is SEO and how it works?

I’m researched and developed my own & unique working SEO algorithm  which can open your eyes on any question that bothers you. You will not find any similar in web. But I don’t mind to share it with You! So, Lets see the picture:

OK guys, let the jokes aside. There are nothing too hard:

As you can see over the outline, SEO – is a set of work for both: search Engine (crawl machines, robots) and humans. On-page is specialized on work for high website performance from Machine-side and for a optimized content creating. Off-page is a lot of work under other channels. Also upgrading of “Website Trust weight” through the organic linkbuilding (setting backlinks).

There are 8 main traffic channels (by Google Analytics):

  1. Organic (from Search Results)
  2. Paid (from ads of Google Adwords)
  3. Display (from Google Adwords and other paid media-banners)
  4. Referral (traffic that came from any backlink)
  5. Social (traffic from Social Networks)
  6. E-mail (From e-mail distribution)
  7. Direct (Direct transitions from URL’s line)
  8. Other (Undefined)

On-page SEO with SEO optimized content are directly Influencing on TOP results of your website by specific keyword.

Off-page os a result of “Page Rank” (Page and General website Trust weight, citation level, Authority rank etc.) All this influences on TOP results too.


Work on SEO can give you TOP search results in closest perspective. It will provoke a flow of Organic traffic as a most relevant channel with highest CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Then, this traffic will allow any user behaviors and other user activity (such as: clicks, shares, purchases, scrolling and more…). If this user activity is relevant to their Search Queries, so your Website performance will be only increasing in future. Thats why you’ll be able to gain more and more leads from your Website/Web Page/Profile/App and so on.

So,you have just finished reading this Topic of “What is SEO?”. You deserve the honorary title of Junior SEO Specialist! . My Congratulations!

I hope, that this article was very useful and comprehensive for you. And We will be happy if you Don’t forget to share this post with your friends or colleagues.

I would like to note you that SEO services are also included in our WordPress Support Packages if you don’t want to waste your time.

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