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Fruitful theme is available during 3 years. In this period we received a lot feedbacks, reviews support requests on forum, email.

Below you will find links for reviews and examples which users made.

Examples of use made by customers

Reviews about Fruitful theme

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Please check more themes made by Fruitfulcode

Ilya Pavlov

Ilya Pavlov

Creative director, web designer, developer and founder of Fruitful Code.

  • natecarrier

    I’m running fruitful on Feel free to add it to your list.

    • fruitfulcode

      Thanks for using our theme. Website looks good!

    • Starla Asher, RN MSN

      Nate, AWESOME example & well-done application of this theme!

  • drb

    I am using your theme in this site. Please feel free to add to your list. Thank you for providing a gorgeous theme.

  • I am using your theme in this site. Please feel free to add to your list. )))

  • Gr8hometips

    Thanks for the great design. I am very pleased and happy to use your design for my website

  • RIston

    Thank you very much for the theme, i am very proud to use your theme in my site

  • jesus

    thank you so much for this theme, you are the boss

  • Edwin

    Happy with the theme! Feel free to add it to your list.

  • Excellent theme! Thank you 🙂
    We’re running it at if you’d like to add it to your list, cheers.

  • Alexandros Ioannidis

    I am using the theme + WooCoommerce in my site. Please feel free to add to your list. Thank you for the great job.

  • : Your theme + WooCommerce. Fell free to add my site on your list…

  • I’ve used Fruitful for both (I converted it to look like a boxed layout) and Thanks for making a great theme and so easy to customize with a child theme!

    • fruitfulcode

      Gen, very good! Thanks

  • Aaron Jack

    Great theme guys! Im running it with quite a few modifications at

    Feel free to add it to your list of examples! Thanks!

    • fruitfulcode

      Nice configuration, Aaron! Thanks

  • Alex
  • Mohd Iznan Shamsuddin
  • Glory

    A really excellent theme, easy to use and quite beautiful. We’re running it at and we’re very impressed!

    • Srin Vasan

      Hi Glory, excellent work on the the website… I need your help to get the same look on my website..please can you assit … I am using the site as . I will be glad if you could really help me. Thanks

  • hege


  • hege


  • hege


  • hege


  • excellent theme –

  • Riya Khurana

    Patrick will host in Oscars 2015 live

  • Carlota

    I would like to show you my website performed in your beatiful the fruitful in case you´d like to take it as an other example for the theme. Thank you very much.

  • mashudini

    i like your theme…:),but i can’t add table…i try install table plugin but not responsive..cant you help me..?

  • Pan Tau

    Hello! Thanks for awesome work and one of the best free theme I worked with (see the web at I’d like to ask about my few ideas so where could I add some of them?
    All the best!

    Pan Tau

  • Thanks for placing accesspress themes here ilya.. much appreciated man

    • Ilya Pavlov

      Thanks for using our theme!

  • Simon

    Thanks for a awesome theme. Works so great on my website !

    • fruitfulcode

      Simon, good work!

  • Илья! Спасибо тебе за отличную и бесплатную тему. Храни тебя Бог!

    • Ilya Pavlov

      Благодарю за использование нашего продукта

  • Lucas

    Hi, I have some other examples running focused e-commerce sites , , ,

    • fruitfulcode

      Hi Lucas, nice job!

  • ramkumar

    Hi, thank you for creating a wonderful theme. Good work. Thought, I will mention my site was created using the Fruitfulcode theme. The site still needs a lot of work to be done. I am open for suggestions. you can also contact me at

    • fruitfulcode


      Thanks for using our theme. Our manager will contact you soon.

  • Tales

    Is it possible to customize Fruitful to look like this website (
    I love the header styling and full width background images.

    Thank you.

  • Alex WorkStream

    Долго искал подходящую тему для своего интернет-магазина и остановился именно на этой. Отличная проработка деталей и минимализм. Спасибо!

  • Brian H

    Hey Ilya,

    Awesome theme 🙂 We also mentioned your here:

    It would be awesome if you could include us in your review section, again great theme. @fruitfulcode

  • trio fun

    We also use fruitful theme 🙂