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In latest live version we removed such great things like: google analytics and gallery post type.
Unfortunately, this requirement The full list of changes available on
Changelog page.

In 1.0.7 version we faced with problems. The previewer system will eventually silently fail all “add_option” calls because the database will be entirely read-only.
At the moment theme preview on is not work. Problems will be solved, but approvement system is not quick, next live version 1.0.8 will be available on next week.

Ilya Pavlov

Ilya Pavlov

Creative director, web designer, developer and founder of Fruitful Code.

  • enewsdigest

    I have a Nabble forum. I am unable to embedd in the page. It does not showup the entire forum. It only displays around 450 pixels long/height. Please help me in this regard.