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The content management system (CMS) is one of the key components of any site.
When you decide to create your own website you face the difficulty of choosing from the wide variety of CMS.

This post will relieve the pain of choice because it shows reasons to fix on WordPress.

WordPress is a FREE platform

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The system is provided to users absolutely free of charge, moreover, it’s updated with an enviable regularity. Not every paid product can boast of this! Something new is constantly added, security threats are corrected.

Easy to use

easy users experience

You do not need to be an expert to use WordPress. Even if you are not a professional programmer you can easily run your website. The system is very intuitive so even your grandma can deal with it 🙂
Downloading and installing of WordPress won’t take long time. Use a guide for Windows or Mac.

However, if you still need some help and custom settings you can choose support package by Fruitful Code.


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WordPress allows you to customize your page both visually (by using themes) and functionally ( by using plugins). All this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

The great variety of designs are available for free or in premium version on ThemeForest as well as a huge number of ready-made plugins to meet your needs.

Responsive Design

responsive design mobile desctop

Nowadays almost half of users prefer surfing on the internet using mobile devices so it’s a must have to make your website looking comprehensible on every screen.

WordPress proposes lots of responsive themes so you don’t need to register 2 domains.

SEO friendly

seo search engine optimization

Search engines index websites on WordPress, and if there are shortcomings (each has its own ideal), then they are all solvable. The source code for the files does not contain garbage code, it has a valid layout. With the help of plugins, standard features are expanded. So the platforms is very SEO- friendly


support wordpressYet WordPress is very easy and convenient to use, if you have any difficulties you can always find some help in a support centre.

Also you get support included when buying our themes or plugins on ThemeForest


WordPress is free, easy to use and customize, SEO friendly and secure platform. That’s why it is so popular and such big companies as BBC America, Trello, Forbes, LinkedIn and many others are based on it.

Are you not still using WordPress? Begin today!

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    There is no doubt that wordpress is best CMS right now. It have tremendous positive for SEO. There are lots of plugins which makes your task easy. And the super easy user interface is one of the reasons why wordpress is ruling the world. This is a good short and easy to understand articles describing the reasons of why wordpress is best cms.