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We designed this plugin to meet basic needs of a developer who would like to have a limited access to his site while providing quick fixes. As a result we made a user friendly splash page with comfortable back end, that allows to manage settings without interfering with the code.

The main challenge was to build a mechanism for authentication and validation. We created it so that users stay on the same page when they input wrong initials. The rest of maintenance plugins redirect users to wp-login.php page.


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Ilya Pavlov

Ilya Pavlov

Creative director, web designer, developer and founder of Fruitful Code.

  • Luke Howell

    First off great plugin.  Also I sent an email through the contact for but there was no confirmation so I am not sure if it went through.  I have created a patch with a few changes.  If you respond to me in email I can send the patch, or you can use my contact for at It is relatively small, but I think will help out.  Here is a quick rundown of what it does.

     – Enabled multisite support by saving files in wp_upload_dir
    – Set background to repeat on x and y for tiles
    – Set logo to be centered the page and max-height of 200px so size doesn’t matter

    • fruitfulcode

      Hello Luke

      Thanks for comment and your patch.
      We will apply it in upcoming new version of our plugin

  • Waveman777

    Hello! Great plugin indeed 🙂

    It would also nice to make it multilingual ready. I would be more than happy to help with “polish” translation.


    • fruitfulcode

      Thank you for your feedback

      We will think about the implementation of multilingual versions in the future

  • I tried to use your contact form on this site but it wouldn’t submit. There is no change when I turn on this plugin. I read on a blog that there is a conflict with Super cache but I am not using that, are there any other known conflicts with this plugin? I’m attaching a screenshot of the plugins I am using.

    • fruitfulcode

      Hello Sean

      You are using free version of plugin from

      Also our contact form is working, I don’t know why you have issue with it.

      Can you send us screenshot of maintenance plugin in wordpress dashboard?

      Please send it on email

  • Prandah

    hello i had disable plugin but still shown maintenance page ?
    any advice ?

    • fruitfulcode


      Please can you provide link to your website?

  • Sa_puso_mo

    how can i remove the login form? 


    • fruitfulcode


      Only way is add css snippet to this file ../wp-content/plugins/maintenance/lib/style.css

      add on line 33 .login-form {display: none;}

  • Abz

    I used your nice plugin yesterday..
    It’s nice, I can login-logout properly..

    But today, when I login with correct credential, the site goes white screen 🙁
    How could I deactivate manually the plugin?

    I’ve removed plugin folder from /wp-content/plugins/
    the site could be opened..

    But still can’t login 🙁 (white screen through)

    Thank youuu

    • fruitfulcode


      Did you install any others plugins?
      Can you provide link to your website?

      Also you can send support request to our email

      • Abz

        Hi, thanks for the reply
        yup, there are another plugins installed such as akismet, mini tweet (and other sosmed plugin)
        but the activated one (other than maintenance plugin) is just akismet

        here is the site :
        I installed wordpress on subdir

        My site is still on testing stage, maybe when it has growed 😀

        sorry that my english was bad 🙂

  • ITrendSolutions India

     Hi very useful information to who are all waiting for maintenance them site and also gave awesome ideas.

  • Mohd Ikhwan

    How can i register,sir?

  • Mohd Ikhwan

    Why i put nickname and my pass also cannot enter??

  • Carl

    I uninstalled your plugin but when I visit my site, it asks for customer to log in, and then goes to a white screen.

    • Carl

      On or off, even uninstalled… I can’t get this plugin to deactivate.

  • Funny

    What is the size of the background splash page?

    • fruitfulcode

      Currently 1920×1080. You can replace background with own image

  • Hi the login option does not seem to show for Internet Explorer. Any thoughts?

  • gimoz71

    how can I customize mailchimp message (“be the first etc…)?
    thanks in advice

  • yasin

    I could not remove the maintance mode anymore… 🙁 how can I return my website back please help me ? I click the off button and save but still in maintance mode even I have removed the plugin but still in maintance mode…